• The Numbers Person

    Diploma in Mathematics – I’m officially a nerd

  • The (Career) Beginning

    Researcher and Project Manager at an academical institute for Information management – trying to start a serious career

  • Or is this the beginning?

    starting as a freelance consultant in public funding for startups and SME – the adventure begins

  • The first big step towards the future

    foundation of the euworx UG – business is growing

  • Change Of Perspective

    investment manager for IT startups at Europe’s most active seed investor – the dark side of the power calls

  • Take Off

    reinventing the eurworx UG as a consultancy for business models and financial planning, starting as a university lecturer for Digital Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Finance as well as becoming the advisor of "Die Hoehle der Loewen" - back on my own, back to the academic world and first time working for TV (and loving it!)


As a speaker on the topics of business models, financial planning and investor pitches, it’s not enough for me to make clear how to do it and what mistakes to prevent. I want to convince my audience that getting their numbers right and presenting them in a suitable way can be the determining factor for success or failure, but also, that it is not as difficult as it might seem and can even be fun!

  • Keynote
  • Deep Dive Talk
  • Online Video Training

I don’t understand coaching as telling you what to do or not to do. So whether your business is stagnant, you have expansion plans or don’t even really know how to start yet, I see my role in asking the right questions, analysing main influencing factors as well as possible advantages and disadvantages. This is to help you develop your own solution that really fits you and your business. Because your business won’t succeed with someone else’s solution.

In sessions on the general or specific aspects of the business model, your KPIs or your pitch, I help you to get to the core of the problem, then we analyse the options to solve it.

This can be done in one-on-one coachings or workshops.

  • Single/Group Coaching for Businesses
  • Event Coaching (Live, with or without audience)
  • Workshops
  • Online Video Training

Since I love to ask the painful questions about a business, I also like to take the role of a moderator or host. Moderating whole event tracks such as on the AMZCON or panel discussions such as the growth hacking panel on last year’s Interactive Cologne, I want to make sure that the audience takes something home.

Tracks, Panels or whole events

  • Startup Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Online Video Training