For Investors:

Need support?

Due Diligence and Business Plan evaluations can be hard. I help you or your fund with the numbers crunching and related work. Think “Investment Manager as a Service”.

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For Startups:

Investors in sight?

No matter if you need to prepare your pitch, your numbers or find and argue your evaluation: I’m at your side. From last minute negotiation coaching to a complete investor preparation.

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For Organisations:

Define and coach

As a long-time startup mentor, I’m happy to help new investment and education programmes come to life. From building the business or organisation to defining the content to being active as a speaker, with workshops or group and single coachings.

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Diploma in Mathematics – I’m officially a nerd


Researcher and Project Manager at an academical institute for Information management – trying to start a serious career


Starting as a freelance consultant in public funding for startups and SME – the adventure begins


Foundation of the euworx UG – business is growing


Investment manager for IT startups at Europe’s most active seed investor – the dark side of the power calls


Reinventing the eurworx UG as a consultancy for business models and financial planning, starting as a university lecturer for Digital Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Finance as well as becoming the advisor of "Die Hoehle der Loewen" - back on my own, back to the academic world and first time working for TV (and loving it!)

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For investors:

A mathematician and experienced investment professional can help you with the numbers crunching to make your investment decision.

Business Angels and private investors often have deep insights into a specific industry, but need support during the Due Diligence process with various other aspects such as evaluation, cap table questions and deeper business model evaluations. The knowledge and experience of how early KPIs can be interpreted and how they can predict potential weaknesses of a business can make the difference, and save valuable time and money. Larger investors and funds often struggle to fulfil all their tasks during peek times. Whether a startup’s financial plan has to be evaluated or a portfolio company needs help to prepare for the next fundraising: getting an experienced professional to quickly support the day-to-day tasks can take substantial pressure off the core team and help to improve the quality of the investment decisions and chances in fundraising processes.

Contact for Investors

Investor’s request

Ruth Cremer supports with almost every task around the investment and Due Diligence Process or the startup preparation for further investment rounds. Please let us know via the contact form which kind of support you are seeking.


Benefit from years of experience with startup investments: learn how investors think and how to negotiate with them

Active support with your Pitch, your financial framework or when you are preparing for negotiations with investors: from the basics to real insider tips, which can make the difference but are only known by professionals in this field. We will find your custom package: no matter if you need an urgent last “sparring” before going into negotiations or a complete package to make your business investor-ready. Startup-Budget friendly: We have profound experience with public funding. The BAFA-programme can save you half the costs, and Ruth Cremer is an experience coach for different programmes such as Hochschul-Transfer NRW and EXIST (and others).

Contact for Startups

Startup’s request

Ruth Cremer supports with the content delivery and document creation in the business building and fundraising process: Pitch training, financial planning and KPI—frameworks are some of the topics requested most often. Please let us know via the contact form which kind of support you are seeking.

For Organisations:

Taking the challenge of investing in and educating startups deserves the best support possible

Setting up a (corporate) incubator, accelerator or any other startup programme is a super challenging task. Ruth Cremer has not only done this, but worked with so many startups and investors over the last 8 years, that coordinating all tasks from applying for public funding to setting up a programme with the strongest content can be actively carried out or supported. From a full external project lead to the handing over of some single tasks, every degree of engagement is possible. Startup education programmes are hard to design and often get a lot of harsh critique anyway. Surround experience of working with over 1000 startups, being speaker, mentor, judge and consultant in such programmes, can make the difference to “just another boring startup programme without effect”.

Contact for Organisations

Organisation’s request

Ruth Cremer and Team support the shaping of a new startup investment and/or education programme. Our work starts with the definition of a model and goes up to active participation in the programme itself. Please let us know via the contact form which kind of support you are seeking.

Our customers

Projects and clients

As a speaker, moderator, project coordinator or serial coach: Ruth Cremer works worldwide, in German and English. Although getting the numbers right is a core competency, Startups who worked with her especially honour her passion and positive vibes.


Ruth has been a coach in Deutsche Telekom’s 3- month corporate entrepreneurship programme since 2017. As a part of this programme, she helped the participants to find and optimise their business models, to identify the right KPIs and to adapt them in an iterative way. Furthermore, she helped them with their financial planning and the preparation for potential investors. Her keynotes and workshops about business modelling and financial planning were then complemented with individual coaching sessions.

Die Höhle der Löwen

Since the 5th season, Ruth is the advisor of the German version of the TV show “Dragon’s Den”/“Shark Tank” (“Die Höhle der Löwen”) broadcasted on VOX. She is part of the selection process and helps preparing the candidates for the show. Especially the preparation for the questions of the investors regarding key business numbers directly after the pitch is the focus. Only those who can score here will really have a chance to get an investment.

NomadCruise X

NomadCruise is a unique conference for remote entrepreneurs and digital nomads, taking place on a cruise ship. For the 10th anniversary at the end of 2019, Ruth was a central part of the programme. Besides two speeches on the main stage about KPIs and Investor Pitches, she organised the “Piranha Tank” - an on-stage-show close to the famous TV show - chose and prepared the pitching teams for their moment on stage and moderated the show itself.