I’m an international speaker in the area of startups and digitization. My favourite feedback is: “I learned something that helped me immediately!”


Coaching is not about telling you what to do or not to do, but about asking the right questions. Let’s do some numbers crunching and go forward!


You want to go deeper? Setup/improve your pitch deck, financial planning or KPI framework? Or need a crash course in how to negotiate with investors? These workshops are for you!

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Ruth Cremer

One thing led to another. Mathematician, former investment manager, university lecturer, advisor of “Die Höhle der Löwen” (German Shark Tank): My passion for innovation and startups led me to work with far more than 1000 of them - and also many investors - all over the world. I strive for excellence and sustainable growth, not superficial show effect and empty promises.


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    Jim Rohn

    Success is a numbers game

    My articles explain more about the importance of numbers when negotiating with investors.

    CleverCakes: With numbers to success #DHDL

    No area of founders' knowledge and skills seems as neglected as numbers. And although investors - not only on "Die Höhle der Löwen" - never tire of stressing how important it is to know and communicate the most important figures of one's business, start-up events and trainings prefer to emphasise storytelling. In the 5th episode of the 12th season, however, founder Elina flashed the lions all along the line, but above all with her numbers. And thus shows how it's done right.

    Hyrise Academy: When Startups fill the education gap #DHDL

    Our school and vocational training system unfortunately very often misses the actual need. In the meantime, there is a glaring shortage of skilled workers in many areas on the one hand, but no quick and high-quality education or training opportunities for those interested. This is the case with software salespeople. Dominik and Michael from Hyrise are remedying this situation. And obviously highly successfully.

    Next Folder: German bureaucracy vs. young founders? #DHDL

    In the latest episode of "Die Höhle der Löwen", viewers once again got to see something that is no longer all that rare in the start-up show - as it is in the start-up world in general: very young founders. Johannes and Valentin had also started their start-up idea before they were legally of age. But since that is not possible in Germany, their grandmother had to found the company for them. You can think that's sweet, but actually it's just sad.

    Nippli: Customer problems don’t have to be politically correct #DHDL

    No sooner was the participation of the founder of Nippli in "Die Höhle der Löwen" announced and her product idea made public than there was the first gloating and the first small uproar on the net. Why should women necessarily make their nipples invisible? But she doesn't say that at all, has not only women as her target group anyway and her sales figures clearly speak the language of market acceptance. A plea for less idea-focusedness.

    Pagopace: The power of use cases #DHDL

    The founders of the payment ring start-up Pagopace experienced a real rollercoaster ride in "Die Höhle der Löwen". From total enthusiasm to great scepticism to tough negotiation. But in the end they succeeded, at least some of the investors' euphoria lasted until the end. How do you do it?