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Die Bedeutung von Zahlen für Geschäftsmodelle und Investorenverhandlungen.

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Munevo: When investors want to invest but cannot #DHDL

Montag, 28.06.2021

The Munich-based founders of Munevo achieved what many candidates dream of when they go on “Die Höhle der Löwen”: they astonished the lions, caused goose bumps and repeatedly received the respect of the experienced investors. But in the end it wasn't enough for a deal. What was the reason?

Zaunkönig: A new player in a „crazy market“ #DHDL

Dienstag, 15.06.2021

Even before the pitch, the lions were overflowing with superlatives about the gaming market. The backdrop of the start-up Zaunkönig left no doubt as to what the pitch would be about. But such an exciting market also harbours dangers, as became clear a little later. So even a start-up in the gaming sector has to offer a lot more.

Click’n’Tree: The Right Founder for „Caritalism“ #DHDL

Mittwoch, 09.06.2021

The last start-up to be broadcasted in season 9 of "Die Höhle der Löwen" has it all over again: a not-so-simple business model that first has to be explained. A lion offer that has never existed before. An investor who is breaking new ground. And finally, a lion who drops out in order to enter a battle of the combined offers with another lion at the end.

Lambus: Almost a Silicon Valley start-up #DHDL

Mittwoch, 02.06.2021

A good team, a high willingness to take risks, but no entrepreneurs. A lot of potential, but no precise planning. Hardly any turnover, but good user numbers. And a business model that is not yet fully developed, but a high valuation. Many German founders probably think "USA" here. And indeed, the main founder of Lambus worked in Silicon Valley for four years. Can two such different start-up cultures be brought together?

Evertree: A subject close to our hearts – and one of regularities #DHDL

Mittwoch, 26.05.2021

As broad as the range of topics discussed in "Die Höhle der Löwen" usually is, rarely have the two main topics in the dialogue between founders and investors been so contradictory. On the one hand, the emotionality of the topic - on the other hand, the big question about the existing regulations that significantly determine the market. But the founders managed the balancing act.